A new handbook to help you run a complete campaign?!

A creepy forest path

I have long fantasized about a D&D product that empowers you to run a whole campaign. Published adventures are great, but they don’t necessarily make your life easier: there’s a lot of reading, planning, and prepping to do, and they are often very restrictive and railroady. You shouldn’t have to read a novel to run a campaign.

I have only ever run one homebrew campaign from 1st to 20th level, and it followed a very loose structure, one session at a time. We started small in a gloomy little village called Gimmerton and gradually grew out from there. By the end of the campaign, the party had travelled across entire continents, to other planes of existence, to the bottom of the sea, and even hundreds of years into the past! And throughout—I hope—there was a real sense that the players could do whatever they wanted: that it was their story, not mine. I would love to write something that helps other DMs achieve the same thing.

I have finished a first draft: just the first two levels (‘Tier 0’ as it’s called in Level Up 5e) but enough, I hope, to give you a taste of what’s to come. You will need to sign up as a free member to download it, and future drafts will be uploaded exclusively on Patreon as a thank you to paid subscribers. It is very much a work in progress, so expect to see some changes in the weeks ahead!

Here’s the link. See you on Patreon!


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