Everyday Heroes: a new d20 Modern game for 5e

If you’re anything like me, the post title alone should be enough to get you excited! I was a huge fan of d20 Modern back in the day, so I was delighted to hear that it was returning for a 5th edition revamp. Dave and Jeff at Evil Genius Games reached out to me a … Continue reading Everyday Heroes: a new d20 Modern game for 5e

Building a New World: Part 1

This week, I downloaded the World Builder’s Guidebook from DriveThruRPG, and my goodness, what a find. Many thanks to Twitter user @Archarzel for putting me onto this. The World Builder’s Guidebook is a 96-page supplement by Richard Baker, published in 1996 for the 2nd edition of AD&D. This was about a year before TSR was … Continue reading Building a New World: Part 1

EXCLUSIVE: New products for 2021

Happy April Fool’s! D&D fans are always on the lookout for ways to spend their hard-earned cash. Now, in a world exclusive, Scroll for Initiative can reveal that the following D&D products are confirmed for autumn 2021. Merch, merch, merch! Spelljammer: Adventures in Wild Space The final frontier. May the Force be with you.– Elminster … Continue reading EXCLUSIVE: New products for 2021

Gods in D&D

Do you have deities in your campaign? How many? What are they called? What are their portfolios? Are they active in the world or mysterious and withdrawn? For some DMs, deities are one of the most enjoyable aspects of world-building: a fun way to define their setting. For others, gods and demigods are just a … Continue reading Gods in D&D

Far Cry in D&D

Ubisoft I have recently been playing through some of the Far Cry games, and it occurred to me that much of what makes the series distinctive could also be fun in a D&D campaign. On the face of it, this might be surprising. The Far Cry games are first-person shooters: D&D is a collaborative fantasy … Continue reading Far Cry in D&D