Seven twists to make your D&D world unique

D&D diverges from our own world in seven major ways. How would our games be different if we moved away from these core assumptions?

Review: Dungeon of the Mad Mage (and a new ranking)

I overlooked this adventure for far too long. Now I rate it as one of my favourite 5e adventures so far.

Make your own megadungeon with Dungeon 23

It's 2023, and many people in the tabletop RPG space have decided to do 'Dungeon 23'. The principle is simple: a 365-room megadungeon, with one room for every day of the year. What a great idea!

Make Your Goblins Unique: Thinking in Depth about Monsters and Factions

I have recently enjoyed watching Baron de Ropp’s YouTube videos about fantasy geopolitics, and it got me thinking about how we can do so much more with the monsters and factions in our games. I wouldn’t necessarily say that this post is ‘geopolitics’ per se, but that's certainly part of it. I think this approach … Continue reading Make Your Goblins Unique: Thinking in Depth about Monsters and Factions

Using Published Campaign Settings

Wizards of the Coast Making your own homebrew campaign setting can be a daunting undertaking. World-building can be very time-consuming, and if you’re not really that interested in cartography, demographics, cosmologies, pantheons, and so forth, you might find yourself reaching for a someone else’s work. How should you go about using a published campaign setting? … Continue reading Using Published Campaign Settings