The Great 2023 RPG Gift Guide

Here we go again! WELCOME to the 2023 Scroll for Initiative Holiday Gift Guide. A few things first. This is an independent blog. There are no affiliate links here, nor am I being paid in any way to endorse these products. (Believe me, I wish I were!) As always, please support your Friendly Local Game … Continue reading The Great 2023 RPG Gift Guide

So You Want to Be a Game Master: Review

If you're serious about DMing, you will know who Justin Alexander is. So what is his new book all about, and what did I make of it?

Out Now: Sleeper Of The Sunken City

Ever fancied a trip to R'lyeh to take out one of the Great Old Ones? Do you like the vibe of games like Eldritch Horror and Arkham Horror and want to recreate them in D&D? Have you ever just wondered what Cthulhu's stat block would look like in 5th edition? If so, this adventure is for you!

Out Now: Paths of the Nexus, Level 1!

GATEWAY TO AN ANCIENT THREAT Thousands of years ago, the elves of the Great Wood sealed something away: a magical experiment gone horribly wrong. Their creation was so powerful and so dangerous that they forbade all mention of its existence and erased it from all lore. Yet deep beneath the surface, the Nexus plots and … Continue reading Out Now: Paths of the Nexus, Level 1!

Happy birthday, Scroll for Initiative: three years today!

Thanks for joining me along the way. Here are my top ten most read articles in reverse order! 10. How to run time travel in D&D This was one of the most ambitious and daunting sessions I've ever run, because time travel introduces all sorts of complications! In this article, I unpick some of the … Continue reading Happy birthday, Scroll for Initiative: three years today!

Review: Dungeon of the Mad Mage (and a new ranking)

I overlooked this adventure for far too long. Now I rate it as one of my favourite 5e adventures so far.

How to add depth and drama to your character

Many, many gamers play D&D and nothing else. Some gamers will play anything but D&D. Others will play D&D for the most part but mix it up occasionally with other systems. I’m probably in this latter group. Even if you don’t play other systems, it’s well worth reading them. It’s a great way of sparking … Continue reading How to add depth and drama to your character

13th Age: The Best RPG I’ve Never Played (Review)

Back in January, there was an exceptionally good-value Megabundle for 13th Age where I picked up 19 PDFs for less than $40 (£34). It’s a game I’ve known about (and admired) for some time but never really devoted much attention to. Following the OGL debacle, I’ve been keen to diversify the RPGs I play and … Continue reading 13th Age: The Best RPG I’ve Never Played (Review)

Available now: Adventures in Hawk’s Rest, a love letter to low-level adventuring

Adventures in Hawk's Rest is my love letter to low-level gaming: a mini open-world hexcrawl, perfect as a prologue to a longer campaign, with fantastic maps by Dungeon Baker. Think Studio Ghibli meets the Shire meets Lost Mine of Phandelver.

Everyday Heroes: a great new RPG for modern adventuring

d20 Modern was one of my favourite games of the 3rd edition era. Everyday Heroes is its spiritual successor – and it's great!