Out Now: Paths of the Nexus, Level 1!


Thousands of years ago, the elves of the Great Wood sealed something away: a magical experiment gone horribly wrong. Their creation was so powerful and so dangerous that they forbade all mention of its existence and erased it from all lore. Yet deep beneath the surface, the Nexus plots and schemes, waiting for adventurers to release it once again…

Today I am releasing the first level of a massive megadungeon, Paths of the Nexus. In this adventure, players explore the ancient forest ruins of a lost elven civilization: they must deal with hapless scholars, cut-throat raiders, defenders of the forest – and hints of extremely advanced technology. Here’s the link:


Featuring puzzles, traps, fun magic items, and plenty of roleplaying potential, this adventure is written for 1st-level characters. As with Adventures in Hawk’s Rest, encounters have been carefully balanced to avoid character death, and several combats can be avoided entirely with clever roleplaying. Characters should reach 2nd level by the end of the adventure.

The adventure is currently listed as pay what you want, but I’m always grateful for your support! The more people purchase it, the more chance I have of being promoted across the site. If you are intrigued by the idea of elven ruins with laser beams, force fields, Giger-esque tentacles, and holographic red dragons, this adventure is for you.

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