A Complete Guide to the 13 Damage Types in D&D: Part One

Have you ever wanted to dive deep into the different damage types in D&D? If so, this post is for you. The aim is to help DMs (and players!) understand what damage means in D&D and how best to describe it.

A new narrative template for cinematic one-shots

How can we apply the concept of ‘story beats’ to build a memorable single-session adventure?

13th Age: The Best RPG I’ve Never Played (Review)

Back in January, there was an exceptionally good-value Megabundle for 13th Age where I picked up 19 PDFs for less than $40 (£34). It’s a game I’ve known about (and admired) for some time but never really devoted much attention to. Following the OGL debacle, I’ve been keen to diversify the RPGs I play and … Continue reading 13th Age: The Best RPG I’ve Never Played (Review)