Nine things to look for in a perfect D&D game

Unusually for me, I've spent most of the last six months not DMing but playing. And it's been fun! It's also been a useful reminder of what players love most about RPGs at the table.

Unlocking the magic of literary fantasy

Over the last few years, I’ve realized that what I really crave in my fantasy isn’t necessarily a recognized subgenre. I call it literary fantasy.

7 ways to hack your creativity

I’ve been doing a lot of adventure writing recently, and even though writing is something I enjoy doing, it isn’t always easy. Creativity is hard! Over time, though, I have picked up several tips and tricks that I thought I would compile in today’s article. I’m writing with D&D and tabletop roleplaying games in mind, … Continue reading 7 ways to hack your creativity

A new narrative template for cinematic one-shots

How can we apply the concept of ‘story beats’ to build a memorable single-session adventure?

Learning from the MCU to make your game epic

I’m probably the wrong person to write this because – whisper it – I don’t really like Marvel films. But you don’t have to love Marvel to appreciate how wildly popular they are. Since 2007, Marvel Studios have produced more than 30 films, and the MCU is now the highest-grossing film franchise of all time … Continue reading Learning from the MCU to make your game epic

13th Age: The Best RPG I’ve Never Played (Review)

Back in January, there was an exceptionally good-value Megabundle for 13th Age where I picked up 19 PDFs for less than $40 (£34). It’s a game I’ve known about (and admired) for some time but never really devoted much attention to. Following the OGL debacle, I’ve been keen to diversify the RPGs I play and … Continue reading 13th Age: The Best RPG I’ve Never Played (Review)

Site-based adventures, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the dungeon

Are site-based adventures going out of style? If you think dungeons are unimaginative, repetitive slogs that only reward combat – read on!

My Golden Rule For Making Combat More Interesting

Generally speaking, I don’t believe in telling people how D&D ‘should’ be played. There are different DM styles and different game styles, and that’s OK. Even now, I’m really offering a tip, not an instruction. But if there’s one easy way to improve combat, it’s this: Stop describing every hit and miss. Sacrilige! I hear … Continue reading My Golden Rule For Making Combat More Interesting

Tools for better improv

When I started DMing D&D games 20 years ago, my approach was often very inflexible. Now, in general, I wouldn’t say I am much of a control freak in other aspects of my life. But when it came to writing adventures, I wanted a bit of security. My dungeons were linear. My notes were thorough. … Continue reading Tools for better improv