7 ways to hack your creativity

I’ve been doing a lot of adventure writing recently, and even though writing is something I enjoy doing, it isn’t always easy. Creativity is hard! Over time, though, I have picked up several tips and tricks that I thought I would compile in today’s article. I’m writing with D&D and tabletop roleplaying games in mind, … Continue reading 7 ways to hack your creativity

How to make your game badass by stealing from Borderlands

Today’s post might seem like an odd proposition, but Borderlands has considerable shared DNA with D&D: its most significant forerunner is probably Diablo, which itself is based on roguelike dungeon-crawlers and ultimately . . . yep, D&D.

10 Ways Chat GPT Can Help You DM Great Games

I have wanted to write a post like this for some time now but have been wary about doing so. AI is everywhere at the moment, and not all of it is good. In fact, a lot of it isn’t good. MidJourney is essentially just repurposed theft, yet sites like Drive Thru RPG are already … Continue reading 10 Ways Chat GPT Can Help You DM Great Games