How to make your game badass by stealing from Borderlands

Today’s post might seem like an odd proposition, but Borderlands has considerable shared DNA with D&D: its most significant forerunner is probably Diablo, which itself is based on roguelike dungeon-crawlers and ultimately . . . yep, D&D.

Epic background music to make your sessions memorable

I love having music on in the background when I’m playing tabletop RPGs. I now notice if it’s not there! In today’s article, I thought I would share some of my favourite tracks in the hope that you might suggest a few more in the comments. A few things I look for in backing music: … Continue reading Epic background music to make your sessions memorable

D&D inspiration

Being a DM is hard. Players interact with the game world, and you create that world. Without you, there is no game. That’s a lot of pressure! Prepping for a session can take a lot of out of you creatively, especially if you are already tired from work and life stuff. Sometimes you need a … Continue reading D&D inspiration