New Year, New You! 15 D&D New Year Resolutions

Stuck in a rut? Bored of playing the same thing all the time? Here are some ideas for D&D New Year resolutions!

Get started with D&D

Maybe you’ve been a long-time lurker, and you’ve been meaning for ages to find a D&D group of your own. Well, no time like the present!

Play a new character

If the elf wizards and dwarven fighters are getting a bit stale, try one of these combos instead:

Improve your rules knowledge

I ran a whole series on this earlier in the year: rules you never knew.

Have a go at DMing

If you’ve been playing forever, why not have a go at a 1st-level adventure?

Get better at improv

This is something I’ve actively worked on over the last couple of years and will continue to practise. A key skill for all DMs.

Prep less

My number one piece of DM advice: ‘prep as much as you need and no more’. Jeremy Crawford and Sly Flourish agree.

Run less combat

Wizards of the Coast have now published a campaign-adventure where combat is entirely optional. How do you do that?

Start a new D&D adventure

Not sure which one to pick? This article has you covered!

Read some new books

And not just books: films, TV shows, and video games, too! If you’re in a creative rut, give yourself inspiration.

Build a new world

Sure, it’s a mammoth undertaking, but there are excellent tools out there to make the process simpler! I highly recommend the World Builder’s Guidebook from AD&D days – a hidden gem.

Go back in time

If you’ve never run time travel in your campaign, you’re missing a treat. ‘Where we’re going, we don’t need rules!’

Treat yourself

January sucks. But who said gifts were only for Christmas? If Santa didn’t bring you the loot you wanted, why not spend some of your hard-earned gold pieces on yourself?

Start collecting minis

Where to start? I have a list of 100 minis that will cover you for session after session.

Take it less seriously

Sometimes we can forget that D&D is all kinda silly. Embrace it. It isn’t Game of Thrones.

Try a different game

D&D is just the tip of the iceburg! Why not try Dungeon World, Blades in the Dark, or the Cypher System?

Happy New Year!

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