Happy Belated Birthday, Scroll for Initiative!

Whoops: I missed my second anniversary. Can’t believe it’s been two years! Thank you for reading, sharing, and commenting. To celebrate, here are my top ten posts.

10. How to Run Time Travel in D&D

This was quite a personal one for me. I had been playing D&D for 20 years and never used time travel in the story. It was a fun, unique, and memorable session – but time travel is not something to approach lightly.

9. The Mana Check

I’m glad this post has done well: it was a lot of work! I don’t often make forays into game design, but Vancian magic (‘fire and forget’) has always felt . . . off, to me. So I redesigned it.

8. The Perfect D&D Party

Is it fighter, wizard, cleric, rogue? Halfling, human, dwarf, elf? I think you can do better. This was an early post and still seems to get a lot of searches.

7. How to Fix 4d6 Drop Lowest

Another post on game design. In essence, 4d6 drop lowest can generate some very weird rolls, and I think ‘the Scroll Method’ is just as easy to use but much less swingy.

6. Tools for Better Improv

Improv is hard, yet it’s arguably the most important skill a DM can have. So how do you get better at it? A few ideas here, plus a list of all the random, random stuff I stole for my last 20-level campaign.

5. D&D Pronunciation Guide

I loved writing this one – and learned a lot from doing so! Have you ever struggled with duergar, erinyes, sahuagin, or yuan-ti? Me too. I hope this post helps.

4. Where Do D&D Monsters Come From?

Another post I really enjoyed researching. I saw someone on Twitter go off on one about how D&D is fundamentally Germanic and thought, really? Turns out I was right.

3. Holiday Gift Guide

I’ve written two of these, and the 2021 list is one of the most read posts on the site. No Amazon links, no paid promotions: just my own tips and ideas. If you have any recommendations for the 2022 list, let me know!

2. Size in D&D

I find it kind of hilarious that this is the second most popular article I’ve written. It’s essentially a summary of the biggest monsters in D&D and just how big they are. Never will again will I feature the Arc de Triomphe, a Boeing-747, and an Olympic swimming pool in the same post.

1. The Best 5e Adventures: Ranked!

The Internet loves a listicle: this is mine. It might be due an update: I’m starting to wonder whether Mad Mage deserves to be higher and Frostmaiden lower. And the first-place post seems like such a cop-out – but it is brilliant . . .

Do you have a favourite post in this list, or another one on the site? Let me know in the comments below.

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