Players: you need a combat crib sheet

A combat crib sheet is an order of operations: a brief instruction manual for how to ‘optimize’ my character. For spellcasters, high-level characters, and characters with interesting feats and abilities, it can really come in handy.

The Best (and Worst) Products of 5e So Far

5e was launched in 2014. Since then, in addition to the three core rulebooks, we’ve had 17 hardback adventures, seven campaign settings, and at least seven other supplements – and as with any product line, quality varies. So which books are ‘must buys’ and which should you avoid? As with my holiday gift guide, it’s … Continue reading The Best (and Worst) Products of 5e So Far

How deadly is the Monster Manual?

How much of the Monster Manual can – and should – a DM make use of?